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This quiz bowl will consist of a total of ten questions, chosen and asked by members of the Fudomine tennis team. Each of the four participants on the two teams should sound their buzzer to answer a question. If the question is answered incorrectly, we will pass to the next question.

Captains, please present your teams.
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LOG: Practicing the Third Act

Inui looked down the page of calculations in his notebook. Before the first two rehearsals, he'd estimated the play's probability of success at 85%. This had allowed for the play's content as both a classic and a comedy appealing to a wide audience, the demanding nature of the language appealing to the school board and the range of parts available appealing to the actors. An initial 12% deduction had come from Inui's estimate for the lack of enthusiasm the actors of Demetrius and Lysander would have for propositioning their male teammates and the actors of Hermia and Helena for portraying the female roles. The latter had been eased slightly by Fuji taking the part of Hermia with seemingly no hesitation at performing as a love-struck woman. Additionally, Inui deducted 5% for the carnage that seemed to follow his team members for no logically predictable reason. That left him with an 100 - 12 +2 -5 = 85% chance of a successful play.

After the first two rehearsals, Inui had adjusted his calculation. Kaidoh's reported stage fright had to accounted for (although Inui was confident his advice had helped his kouhai) and the 5% carnage factor had to be increased to allow for Eiji's access to ladders. The presence of Horio, either on stage or locked up, also affected the play's success (in either direction) and, for reasons Inui was not entirely sure of, his Remem-beer appeared to stop lines altogether, rather than help them be retained. -5% for unconscious actors. However, all this was more than off-set by Echizen and Fuji's unrivaled performance the day before. Admittedly, it had resembled a competitive tennis match but that added to its appeal for at least the current audience. Yes, it had been excellent data. Factoring that in brought the chance of success up to 93%.

But now there were problems. Inui looked up and cast his gaze around the theatre. Closest to him, sitting centrally in the third row, was Oishi who was directing Momo and Taka's efforts to try and hang the stage curtain straight again. Progress was hindered by the fact that Oishi's view was partially blocked by Atobe, who had taken a central seat in the front row and was sipping iced water from a glass a maid had just brought him. It seemed Atobe had brought along a collection of staff to this rehearsal. Inui adjusted his glasses and made a note of it. He was a little unsure about the maid's bust size, but for all other data reguarding her and Atobe's other servants he was confident in his calculations. Kabaji loomed on Atobe's right as a silent and very broad pillar, blocking Momo's view of Oishi's hand signals.

Behind Taka and Momo, Gakuto was taking advantage of the near empty set to backflip repeatedly from one end of the stage to the other. He was imitated by Dan, who kept falling on his head. Eiji sat in sulky silence, slumped in a chair beside Oishi as he watched the stage. Opposite the theatre from Inui, Tezuka stood with Fuji, Yuuta and Mizuki. Mizuki seemed to be sulking about something. Inui turned to look towards the back of the theatre. Echizen stood near the door, drinking from a can of ponta. Inui couldn't actually see the can's label but his data assured him the probability of it being that certain grape beverage was 100%. In the opposite corner, Akutsu leaned against the wall, combing gell through his hair. He wasn't watching the stage. It appeared that Fudomine had not yet arrived.

Inui looked back down at his notebook. Factoring in the different fractions now in this play reduced the chance of a successful performance to ... was it possible to have a minus number? Inui tilted his head slightly to one side. The data needed to be changed. It was time for a new juice.
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OISHI: Casting Choices

Welcome, everyone. Today we need to decide on casting choices for the remaining parts in the play.

Since this will now be a joint arts production with our neighbouring schools, people will be dropping in and out of the session today to express interest in the free roles.

So far, we have actors for Hermia (Fuji), Helena (Echizen), Lysander (Tezuka) and Demetrius (Taka) and also Bottom (Momo) and Quince (Kaidoh). Tachibana has volenteered to take the part Egeus. The other major parts we need to cast today are for Oberon, Titania and Puck. Additionally, there are a number of fairies, villagers and the parts of Theseus and Hippolyta who have a handful of longer speeches.

In short, there is probably a part for everyone who would like to be involved, so please volunteer for roles!
[Bleach] Yoruichi

TEZUKA : Team Meeting

As you are aware, the senior students were called to a meeting today with Seishun Gakuen's principal. However, the outcome of this meeting affects the entire team.

Since all Kantou region middle schools are required to complete the arts requisite, it has been decided to introduce the possibility of combining with students from other schools. This is seen as a way to increase inter-school relations and allow students to tackle more challenging ventures. While not compulsory, senior students in particular are encouraged to participate in a joint submission.

Since we have a suitable play with a large number of parts, we should consider allowing members of other schools to perform alongside us.
[Bleach] Yoruichi

LOG: Practicing the Second Act

With a heave and a shove, Momo righted the stage backdrop from where it had toppled against the theater wall and pushed it into its correct position. Behind him, Kaidoh hissed with irritation as he mopped up the paint pooling on the floor. Momo dropped down off the stage and made his way over to An, who had twisted in her seat to watch the seniors head out through the back door.

"Are you going to stay?" he asked as nonchalantly as possible.

An blinked and looked up at him. "Oh. Yes," she looked again towards the door, staring at Fuji and Ryoma's departing backs. "That was really good, you know," she said. "Fuji-senpai and Echizen-kun... I had no idea they could act."

Momo felt a stab of irritation at her praise of his teammates. He also looked towards the door before scowling. "Hey, Echizen!" he called. "Where are you going? It's only the seniors at this meeting."

Ryoma turned, looking fleetingly like he'd been caught out. "Ponta," he muttered and continued towards the exit.

"Well, you better come back," Momo yelled after him, then kicked himself. He didn't want Echizen to come back, An admired him! Well, he'd have to change that. Echizen wasn't the only one who could act.

[OOC: Actually, I suspect he might be XD. Yes, that meeting can totally be to announce that they should be looking to work with other schools. Perhaps the seniors in particular are encouraged in this, hence the fact they are the only ones at this meeting?]